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Dedicated & Kind

Client Centered

A good wealth advisor gives you powerful ideas to create and retain assets, and the perspective that comes from decades of experience.

Bill Brooks gives you all that, and more: he provides financially independent women with ongoing, proactive investment and risk management, and care and understanding for times of transition.

With Bill, you have a local, accessible advisor you can build a financial relationship with - a partnership that may help you resolve financial issues and productively invest.

Attention & communication

Bill is consistent. He checks in with you regularly, scheduling periodic reviews of your portfolio so you can gauge investment performance against goals.

If you have a question, you can talk to Bill directly. His firm is small by design, so that he can serve a select group of women who are financial decision makers. His clients include professionals, business owners, and divorced and widowed women who want to actively implement wealth management strategies for themselves and their families.

He can play the role of financial steward for you as you attend to your business, career or enjoy retirement with a clear mind and focus

Bill invites you to learn more about his services. You may e-mail him to request further information, or an initial talk.